Norfolk Choose-and-Cut Christmas Trees for Sale at Blackrow Nurseries, Shortthorn Road, Stratton Strawless

Norfolk Christmas Trees Norfolk Christmas Trees Norfolk Christmas Trees in the snow

Blackrow Nurseries sell Norfolk Choose-and-Cut Christmas trees. We are located at Shortthorn Road, Stratton Strawless, near Norwich, Norfolk NR10 4DE.

Choose and cut your own fresh Christmas tree (or we can cut it for you)!

Our Christmas trees are organically grown - we don't use pesticides - and take about 10 years to grow to room size (8' tall). You can choose and cut your own Christmas trees from our stock of around 15, 000 to make sure they are fresh! We can then wrap tree your up in netting so it will easily fit into your car.

Blackrow Nurseries have been growing Christmas trees here since 1983. All trees are trimmed by the owner; they are very bushy at top, compact and not too wide.

Sizes 3ft-25ft; species Nordman Fir, Norway Spruce, Serbian and Scots pine.

Open every day - 9am to 3pm.

Tel: 01603 754878
Mob: 07923 233906

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